Smigin: Learn How to Speak Spanish for Everyday Conversation (Beginners - Intermediate)

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Learn a language the right way by focusing more on everyday conversation and less on grammar. With Smigin, learning Spanish is simple, accessible, and fully customizable.

Learn relevant content you need: Gain the vocabulary, conversation skills, and confidence to engage in real-life conversation.

  • Learn 500+ words that you can instantly apply to everyday interactions
  • Learn 250+ useful phrases and absorb Spanish grammar effortlessly
  • Watch 100+ HD videos shot on location in Spain to add cultural context to what you learn
  • Learn Spanish expressions, idioms, and common local phrases

Conversation without conjugation: Naturally absorb grammar through conversation by practicing using everyday Spanish.

  • Engage in hundreds of conversations to prepare for any situation you’ll find yourself abroad
  • Learn how to navigate various situations and locations like the Café, Hotel, Restaurant and more!
  • Learn how to respond to authentic Spanish prompts and questions
  • Learn when and how to use Spanish idioms and expressions in conversation

Personalize your learning experience: Learn what you want, when you want. Simply pick a section to start your customized learning experience.

  • Save your favorite Spanish words and phrases in a personalized ‘My Favorites’ section
  • Take control of how you learn Spanish using Smigin’s sleek, intuitive platform
  • Available on Mac, Windows, mobile, tablet, and online

Why We’re Better:

  • Chat like a local. Smigin is the only language product that lets you practice conversations with a virtual “local.”.
  • Personalize your learning. With Smigin, you don’t have to follow a rigid path. You can always explore other sections whenever you want.
  • Keep learning on-the-go. If you have internet, you can use Smigin.
  • Learn how to understand and respond to everyday Spanish with Smigin Chat
  • Decide which Spanish lessons you want to learn – pick from sections like Café, Restaurant & Hotel
  • Absorb complex grammar naturally through conversation!
  • Stop learning words like “cat” or “ball” – learn Spanish words you’ll use in everyday situations
  • Learning Spanish has never been this easy – study Spanish idioms and slang to sound like a local
Smigin: Learn How to Speak Spanish for Everyday Conversation (Beginners - Intermediate)

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