A Way to Keep Your Eye on the Pie

December 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Software,Technology

Computers and high-speed internet have been integrated in to the corporate and academic institutions alike for many years now. The main reason for such is that many institutions now utilize computers and the internet to store and share a vast array of information quickly and reliably. It is no doubt that such developments in technology have raised the bar in terms of productivity. Like any good thing, it can be addictive and tend to use these tools for purposes outside what they were intended for.

For large networks with several desktop units, it would be practically impossible to monitor each one at certain times to ensure that the tools are used properly and that sensitive information does not leak out. To deal with this issue, many network administrators look to remote client services, wherein computers may be monitored through another computer. Some software provide remote desktop management,which enables the administrator to set parameters for the computer, and a terminal services log which continuously keeps track of all the activity of the computer. The advantages of using remote desktop management software and a terminal services log ensure that your investments are utilized properly to improve company productivity.

No longer worry about having students and employees alike spending their time browsing Facebook and other social media sites wasting the company’s resources. Control and monitor all network activity using the remote desktop management system and the terminal services log from anywhere across the network improving the overall efficiency and productivity.