Three Tips to getting your app approved by Apple

If you’re developing an iPhone app and want to increase your odds of getting it approved, you need to know what the mobile app developers Los Angeles know. Here are three tips to help you.

1. Keep it Small

Apple is very particular about the amount of resources apps use and how they store data. Every iPhone app development company Los Angeles knows that smaller is better when it comes to apps. You’ll need to think big but code small if you want to impress the folks at Apple. It may be forgivable for an app to be on the larger side but only if it does something pretty amazing.

2. Work Out the Kinks

Make sure your app is fighting fit before you submit it. It seems this should go without saying, but developers submit clunky apps all the time. Test your app thoroughly and make sure that it doesn’t crash, runs quickly and follows Apple’s specific and strict Human Interface Guidelines. Your app must be easy to understand and use while running smoothly without crashing.

3. Make it Original

iPhone app developers Los Angeles have already created apps to do everything from recommending wine pairings to making fart noises. Before developing and submitting an app, scour the app store and make sure that your app truly does something unique. Take the time to really compare your offering to what has already been done since Apple absolutely will.

Three Tips to getting your app approved by Apple