Software Teaches Your Computer New Tricks

November 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Software

It’s likely that even people who don’t own computers have heard the term software. The reality is that practically every American home now has a PC. Software is an integral part of your computer’s chemistry. You can view the motherboard and components as the skeleton and the software would be its muscular and nervous system. Without software, the home PC would be unable to boot.

Programs are running inside your computer at all times that it is on. The first program is always going to be your operating system, or OS. Microsoft Windows is the most common, Linux is also used and Macintosh’s OS for Mac owners. These operating systems are both similar but will vary slightly. In the end, they give you the same result; allowing your computer to boot and all basic functions to work. The basics that will come with most computers aside from the OS are a word processing program (such as MS Word), a paint program, games and accessories (such as Solitaire and a calculator).

Aside from your basic software, there are many other types.
There is software to help you design web pages, software for graphic design and even for architecture. There is software to help you with your budget and other finances. You will find software that is designed for fun and entertainment, such as games. Gaming software involves many categories and topics designed for all ages. Many of your popular console games can be found with versions for the PC. You will find software games for toddlers and for adults.

Basically anything you use your computer for will need software. If you buy spyware or adware removal, games, or any program for your computer it will often come with a software disc to download. If you have the internet, you likely had to use software to get the internet browser to work on your computer. Some computers come with this software already installed but either way, software is required.

You will see when you buy a new software program that it has a registration code included. This is due to hackers and peer-to-peer software sharing. A person could buy a program and share it with everyone they know or even with other people on the internet. This type of piracy is illegal but hard to enforce. Software companies were losing money from this type of software theft and had to safeguard against lost sales and profits.

The market for developing software is massive. One of the ways to make money online is to develop your own software and sell it. That can be very lucrative as long as you have a plan to market it. Creating a product that is so unique that it becomes viral – in other words, software that people will tell everyone they know about it because it is such a time-saver is something to consider as you develop the software and you could be on your way to riches!