Google Desktop Search Explained

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Most of us have spent time we could have used otherwise looking for computer files. We know it~s there, but just can~t remember where. There are other things we sometimes look for in vain; a reference in a college paper, or a website we neglected to add to our favorites list.

Your computer is certainly capable of searching all your hard drive files, but Google Desktop Search can improve that search method by allowing you to check through viewed websites, e- mails, cached copies of every single website you~ve ever visited, and even chat messages. Google software is just one example of how we can simplify our computer use; even though computers help make our lives more convenient; computers can add a level of complication to our lives.

Google Desktop makes life easier by creating a searchable index and saving it to your computer hard drive. You can also further refine searches using more innovative approaches ~ you can even keep track of your e- mails in ~conversations~ that let you track an email conversation.
The software allows you to search your PDF files and even your multimedia files. There~s no longer a need to save your email into file folders (a time-consuming process), create web page favorites, and organize your computer files. You simply download the free software from, and it will routinely and automatically update itself.

As you make your usual Google searches, the references within your computer will show at the top. If you don~t want it to search specific files or programs within your system, just tell it not to. When you use this system, you won~t be sharing your information with anyone else. If you happen to be somewhere using a public computer, just turn the Google software off so you scan your personal information such as email. Once you have downloaded it, you will see it as a separate bar on Explorer, or a floating bar on your desktop.

Google refers to the software program as a ~photographic memory~ for your computer. The software is an easy way to organize the volumes of information that we sort through every day. It is difficult to keep track of everything we see on our computers, or to organize files and viewed pages means taking administrative time many people simply do not have. Basically, the Google Desktop software is a
self- built archive.

This software program is also a convenient feature for students and researchers because it helps facilitate gathering of information and record-keeping for sources and bibliographies. The efficacy of this program helps keep research accountable to avoid plagiarism, and accurate. Computers increasingly replace bookcases and file cabinets in people~s homes and offices. As a result, having an effective search method keeps our lives better organized with less wasted time.