Malware Protection Software without Technical Jargon

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Today’s woman has placed a lot on her plate: career, family and maintaining a tidy home. So when it comes to using the computer, this busy do-everything-herself woman doesn’t have time to decipher which computer hardware and/or software programs are a good fit for her lifestyle — at least, that is the view point of woman owned and operated ChicaLogic.

Developed by a team of woman, ChicaLogic is an online resource that offers a computer user experience for women who want “access to technological solutions fast.” So what’s on the menu? Everything from anti malware software to easy-to-read articles and free downloads. Here is a quick look at the company’s most popular product, the ChicaPC-Shield.

In response to the ongoing increase of Internet crime and security breaches, consumers are searching for effective cyber crime protection software. However, most software on the market today is not user friendly. This is where ChicaLogic comes in. While there are many anti malware software solutions on the market today, ChicaPC-Shield is different because it is accessible via simple language and a non-nonsense approach with a women’s needs and work flow in mind. ChicaPC-Shield is powerful anti malware software created to monitor PCs in real-time and block hostile invasions from reaching the computers. Finally, malware protection software without all the technical jargon.