Reason For Having a Microsoft Certification

Article written by Educational Solutions

Having a Microsoft Certification could be advantageous in numerous way, especially when it comes to starting a career in IT. The certification is an effective way of proving your IT skills and improves your employability. These training courses are generally easy to enroll on and do not require a lot of time for its completion.

Demonstrates Skill Level Objectively

A major benefit of holding a Microsoft Certification is the possibility to show your skill level in an objective way to any potential employer or recruiter. The certification demonstrates that you have the required skills to be the ideal candidate, especially if the job requires this certification. Such a third party validation of your competencies is objective and reliable. Statistics derived from Microsoft showed that over 90% of recruitment managers require this certification and use it as a criteria. Over 64% of IT leaders consider these certificates to be of value and a proof of skills.

Professional advantage regarding new technologies

A Microsoft Certified individual is able to have a broad understanding of various concepts and functionalities of new software. People with certifications are more apt to understand new features of product launches.

Skills Lead to Increased Income

Employees holding certificates tend to be higher earners as compared to their colleagues. This might be because they are able to demonstrate competency. Depending on the policy of the organization, gaining an additional certification might bring an increase in pay.